Registration is OPEN for the January 4th – February 7th NJES Electrical License Exam Prep-Course

Registration for the January 2021  NJES New Jersey Electrical Contractors license prep course has now OPEN

This page update 11/03/2020 some information is continuing to be updated.  Thank you for your patience!

Days until grace period expires.

Lets get right to it.. Are you ready to take the New Jersey Electrical contractors examination?

I call this the “NJ Exam Ready or Not Test”.  Better to try your luck here for free!

Let’s see if you can get a passing grade.  A couple comments:

  • If you spend more than 25 Minutes on this exam your timing is off.
  • If you get less than a 70% you have 6-months to study again to test again.
  • If you do not own the publications to retrieve the answers, you are about to waste 25 Minutes of your life and a free test.
  • If you are going to guess the answers, you are about to waste this free test.

I call this the NJ Exam Ready or Not Test.  Better to try your luck here for free!

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming licensed as a New Jersey Electrical Contractor let us know.

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If you sign up now, you receive early access to NEC learning resources.  Take advantage of this early access to fortify your knowledge of the 2017 National Electrical Code.

Your clock is ticking!

Limited seating is available for the NJES September 2020 license exam prep course
Assorted options are available.  Pick and choose

Full 5-Week Prep Course
Self study for the NEC only
NEC and NJ Business & Law
NEC and Alarm Systems Contractors
NJ Business & Law
Alarm Systems Contractors
NJ Business & Law and Alarm Systems Contractors
Looking for books
Need assistance with your exam application

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Course requires the purchase of Exam Prep Book
January 4th 2021 Lic Prep syllabus


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If the June start does not work for you and want info on an upcoming prep course date Interested in attending our next license prep course?  Complete the contact form below.
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Due to COVID-19 traditional live courses are not possible. If you choose this option we will keep you on a list to contact in the future.
Let us know what if any of the recommended study materials you own or intend on purchasing. You can find a list of the publications on the PSI link provided on the NJES website.

New Jersey Education and Seminars, LLC. (NJES) provides License preparation courses for those preparing to take the New Jersey Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors (NJBOEE) license examination. For the Middlesex location click here to Sign Up Today!

The NJBOEE exam is proctored by PSI and is an online exam. Depending on the date your application to take the license exam was approved; your specific test rules will vary. Visit the PSI website for exact details. You should read the PSI rules now and just prior to taking your exam to verify any changes in the exam process.

NJES offers a unique exam prep experience by mixing 5-weeks of online review with live online training and formal review exams at the end of each week. Click below to learn more about the NJES Exam Prep Experience.

Coming up June 2020 the official start date for the next NJES license exam prep courses to be conducted online live.    This course titled, “June 2020 License Prep” is a mix of online self study and online live classes.

Sign up today for an intense 5-week license prep course or pick and choose what works best for you and your situation.

Checkout our the NJES Course Syllabus

We look forward to seeing you!

Don Clare
NJES President