January 16, 2022 7-Day Cruise

7-Day Cruise aboard the Norwegian Epic


In twelve short months, NJES is confident the world we live in will be in a closer to normal shape.  A time in the future where cruises are once again desirable, fun, safe, and a great learning environment.  A place to share time with family, friends and New Jersey Education and Seminar instructors.

We hope you will choose to take advantage of this great cruise / learning opportunity.  

As with NJES cruises in the past we have negotiated the best possible deals on behalf of our attendees.  If a better overall price on this cruise exist, we hope you will share those details allowing NJES to share with our group.

NJES has booked 20 cabins on this cruise.  All details will be posted shortly.  The exact details of the course(s) and the 10-CEU’s being offered on this cruise are not confirmed as of this date. We are working on creating the perfect cruise learning experience possible.

More to come on this awesome cruise learning opportunity!

Although this cruise is book and available, posting all of the details is the next part.  As many of you already know, I created and manage this website on my own.  This causes delays I would rather avoid but is not possible at this time. 

Here is the cruise itinerary


Specific Cruise details: Being posted soon.

You can contact our group sales agent for specific details.

Thank you for your interest in joining the group!


To book your reservation or for questions on joining the group you must contact:

Emily Bell 
Group Sales Specialist
Office: (954)514-4471
Text Msg: (305)709-1484
Email: elbell@ncl.com

Reservations must be made directly into the block. Reservations made online or through a travel agency will forfeit all group discounts and amenities.  

GROUP ID: A1127543

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Thank you,

Don Clare



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