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Sign-Up $800  Closed 

Sign-Up Here to Become a Flex Member.  NJES Flex is perfect for the Electrical Professional faced with balancing work, family time, emergencies, and mandatory continued education for license renewal. The deadline to become a Flex Member is June 6, 2020. 

Choose NJES Flex 34 to obtain required CEU’S prior to the March 31, 2021 renewal.  A Flex Membership allows you to skip dates, mix and match courses, and attend any scheduled NJES course that meets your CEU schedule needs.  You can carry over up to 8-CEU’s toward your 2024 renewal.  Thats a big $avings to you!

Cancel your seat for any course and attend the next course or any upcoming course in the NJES schedule for the same class Part I or Part II.

All courses must be completed to obtain credit.  NO Exceptions to this rule. 

Flex 34 includes:

All NJES Locations!

Includes 10-Hour code update and 24-core hours of board approved continued education credit.

RSVP for any course in your membership through our online registration.  Alway click pay at the door to allow your registration to process or a code for assorted registrations will be provided.

Example: If you sign up for a 6-CEU course that has two evening courses in a week example; Tuesday (Part I) and Thursday (Part II) but your personal or professional schedule does not allow you to attend the Thursday (Part II) session, you can cancel and reschedule (RSVP) to take just part II on any other day part II is scheduled. Or choose a different location. The schedule will be posted, you must reserve a seat. The reservation process is on-line.

34-CEU’S can be accomplished within a 10-Day period (6 classes) if desired and available through the NJES course schedule. Scheduled courses may vary from week to week do to holidays, weather, course demand, or cancellations in a particular location.

All NJES courses are posted on the online course schedule the default NJES location is Neptune Township, NJ. A flex member may attend courses at any location where NJES has sponsored the course.  Books are not provided for any course.  The Flex program expires November, 2020.  You must obtain all CEU’s by this date. Extension will be made by NJES at it sole discretion based upon NJES cancellations.

**Minimum attendance is required for all courses to proceed.  Minimums are based upon venue, minimum seating requirements, and cost of rental space to NJES.

No refunds will be issued once attendance has been made.  Non-licensed guest attendance cost per class is 100.00 per guest. No CEU’s will be issued for at guest rate.


Flex Fees:

Regular Price Flex-34 $800.00

Refund Policy:
• Only full refunds are issued.
• No refunds are provided once a course has been started.
• 24-hour cancellation is required by flex members. “No shows” are treated as a missed course, fee to make up a 1-day course is $100.00 and $150.00 for a missed 2-day course.

Flex memberships Does Not Include

  • Destination courses such as but not limited to cruises or excursions.
  • Replacement of required handouts or publications.
  • Courses offered after November 30, 2020.
  • Discounts or any coupon offerings for courses included under the Flex membership.
  • Private courses where NJES is contracted to provide educational service.
  • License Prep-Courses
  • NON-CEU course.  A request to attend may be submitted.
  • NJES Partnership Courses.  A request to attend may be submitted.
  • Online access, beyond the 34-hour required CE courses, unless approved and registered by NJES.

Course Cancellations:

  • All Course Cancellations will be posted on the NJES website (see link above) and will be sent by email to all registered attendees.
  • Cancellations due to weather will be emailed and posted as soon as known.  See link above.
  • NJES reserves the right to cancel any course.



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