NJES Continued Education Course Content

The following course descriptions are course outlines for the NJES continued education course offerings.

Rehab Subcode and the Electrical Contractor

New Jersey adopts the Rehab Subcode N.J.A.C. 5:23-6 to supplement and or modify model codes adopted by New Jersey. More specifically to this NJES course the National Electrical Code (NEC).

Join NJES with an in depth review of how to properly navigate the rehab subcode recognize and identify the different types of work classified in the Rehab Subcode.

The Rehab Subcode is applicable when working in any existing structure. Learn about classification such as Repair – Renovation – Alteration –Additions – Reconstruction – Change of Use. These types of work trigger specific requirements and certain liberties when enforcing the model codes adopted by New Jersey.

Use the Rehab Subcode to its intended advantage and purpose. The use of allowable exceptions save you time and money.

Understanding the Rehab Subcode and its interaction with Use Groups as defined by Chapter 3 of the New Jersey International Building Code. Students will learn the importance of knowing a structure’s Use Group to properly identify Basic and Supplemental requirements as defined by the Uniform Construction Code’s Rehab Subcode.

NJES also offers a companion course named Proper Use Group and Building Classifications.


Proper Use Group and Building Classifications