NJES Moving Forward

Have you registered or are considering registering for an upcoming NJES course.

With the health, safety, and wellbeing of all concerned, New Jersey Education and Seminars (NJES) does not plan on cancelling upcoming classes in March at this time.

Anyone that has signed up that would like to cancel will be refunded or if preferred rescheduled to a later date.

The Current New Normal

The NJES plan moving forward.

All classes will be conducted only at our Neptune location.  The classroom choice regarding size will based upon the confirmed head count, not exceeding to 25 people at any one class. NJES will only allow the course to proceed if ample space between our attendees can be achieved.  We have been provided adequate cleaning resources for both prior to and after each course conducted. At this time any advertised food will no longer be served.

We ask all prospective attendees to self evaluate your health and to cancel if you feel your health may have a negative affect on others.

As the business owner of an electrical contracting company for over 16-years, I know stopping your life is not a possibility.  I will practice what I preach and continue to conduct business by performing continued education courses for those that choose to attend until the moment it is not to the benefit of those that attend.

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Thank you,

Don Clare

NJES Attendee Update for Coronavirus disease COVID19

How New Jersey Education and Seminars, LLC. (NJES) will manage the Corona Virus for our attendees.

First, I think it is important to view the problem in an informed and calm manor. With that said, the following link is to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Here you will find the most current information available. What you need to know about the Coronavirus disease COVID19

As a nation, stopping completely the way we operate could be as catastrophic as any health emergency. So with this NJES will move forward cautiously, with health and safety of our attendee’s paramount to all.

Anyone that has signed up for a course and chooses not attend may reschedule without question. The NJES website will be updated to provide the ability to reschedule. Unfortunately, all website modification are designed and implemented by me and therefore, take longer to activate. I will make these changes available ASAP.

In accordance with the CDC, how we will operate as follows until further notice:

Classroom protocol

  • All attendees must first, self-screen to decide if their current health is suitable to attend a public event such as an NJES course.
  • NJES will provide a visual screening of each attendee, prior to sign up and during all events.
  • NJES will maintaining a clean environment for all attendees. Although basic provision will be made, each person is called upon to maintain and keep clean their individual space and the area clean.
  • Access to sanitizing products including but not limited to; such as soap and water in the men’s and lady’s room and surface cleaner will be confirmed.
  • Maintaining proper spacing 6’ between attendee seating in the classroom.

More on this later today.

For the safety of all, NJES reserves the right to deny access to any attendee.

At this time, no NJES courses are cancelled. All attendees will be contacted directly should a cancellation occur.

Please excuse the brevity of this message.



Don Clare