New Jersey Adoption of the 2014 NEC


On September 21, 2015 the State of New Jersey adopted the 2014 National Electric Code (NEC).  Since that time the State of New Jersey has adopted many other codes.

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Check out the State of New Jersey’s amendments to the 2014 NEC         

 NJAC 5-23-3.16 2014 NEC 10-31-15 

As electrical professionals, we are required to comply with much more than just the National Electrical Code.  For example; we must also complex with the Energy Code, NFPA 72, the NJ IRC, NJ IBC, and the standard ASCE 24 to name only a few.  If this seem like a lot to know you are right it is and you must!

You need to start somewhere and that place is with the New Jersey Rehab Subcode.  Start to take advantage of the liberties the State of New Jersey has provided you when working on an existing structure.  Save time and materials.  The NEC is a “Minimum Standard”  knowing the minimum is an important part of the electrical professionals profession.

NJES will be offering assorted courses directed at the Rehab Subcode. Register below to take advantage of the Rehab Subcode!