General Contractor Course Outline

General Contractor Course Outline

  • Understanding the UCC. 3-Hours
    • Introduction to the Uniform Construction Code (UCC).  Understanding how to search and locate important information and areas of interest affecting contractors on a daily basis.
  • Contractors and the Rehab Sub Code. 3-Hours
    • Introduction to the New Jersey Rehab Subcode N.J.A.C. 5:23-6 Working in existing any existing building, understanding the exceptions and critical amendment, modifications and exceptions to assorted codes used in New Jersey.
  • What Codes Do I following Today. 3-Hours
    • Learn how to confirm what codes apply to you. Understand the importance of permit application dates.
  • ASCE and The Energy Code in NJ. 3-Hours
    • Introduction to the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Energy Code and the many changes affecting today’s construction.
  • Permits, Permits, Permits! 3-Hours
    • Understanding the varying types of permits contractors are required to obtain.  What types of permits can be filed electronically and how to file electronically.
  • How to speed up your inspections. 3-Hours
    • Understanding the varying types of work as defined by the UCC and the associated types of permits and specific time requirements to your benefit.
  • No Permit Needed! 3-Hours
    • Clarification on what type of work does not require permits, what to do about notices of violations and penalties.
  • Permit Fees. 3-Hours
    • Understanding the method used to calculate a permit fee. Locating a municipality’s fee schedule.
  • Technology Helping the General Contractor.   3-Hours
    • Exposure to the assorted online resources directly related to contractors everyday needs. This topic will touch on subject matter in all course listed above.

Course Cost: 

Cost per 3-hour course per person is $125.00.  
Cost for Saturday 6-hour course per person $200.00  
Cost for multiple staff, ask about discounts.  Contact by email Don Clare or by Phone 732-859-5964. 

Upcoming Courses;

Schedule under review 1/03/2021

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