General Contractors “Your Permit is Ready”

New Jersey Education and Seminars (NJES), LLC. welcomes all contractors.

NJES knows that permitting can be difficult and become a costly expense especially when done incorrectly.   That is why NJES is offering a course appropriately called “Your Permit is Ready” designed specifically for General Contractor and its staff.

General Contractors regularly manage multiple trades and many projects.  For this reason General Contractors must be knowledgeable in New Jersey permitting regulations.

Let NJES prepare you to navigate New Jerseys permitting processing.  Avoid costly delays, inaccurate permit fees, and most importantly to know where and when, NO PERMIT REQUIRED!

Permit applications incorrectly completed can cost contractors and their clients tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary permit fees every everyday!  It is important to remember that many types of permit are based upon fees that are cost per item and cost per thousands of dollars of construction cost.  Knowing exactly what items require permitting and how to calculate the cost of construction are key to reduced permit fees.

People will drive miles to get gas that is five cents cheaper to save $1.25.  Join NJES and spend 6-hours of your time and save thousands!

Is this course for and your staff?  There are many questions you can ask.  But the most important start to the sentence will be, Do I and my staff know;

  • What does or does not require a construction permit in New Jersey?
  • How to properly describe the work being performed?
  • How to properly calculate construction cost?
  • What forms need to be completed?
  • When is a design professional required for a project?

These are just a few of the topics NJES will cover in “Your Permit is Ready”. 

Sometimes only a few dollars makes the difference between you and your competition or the project ever happening at all.

Permit laws were changed for for many reasons.  Its time for you to make a difference in your bottom line, your clients ability to proceed, and to speed up the permit process!

Stop overpaying for your construction permits in 2020!


Cost to attend is $200.00 per/person.

For multiple employees, the first person is $200.00.  Each additional employee of the same company up to 4 is $150.00 per/person.  Additional employees 5 and more  is $100.00 per/person.  

Company identification and personal Identification is required at time of entry, NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.  No refunds will be given day of event or for no identification. Full amount will be charged for entry.

Registration is not yet open for this course click here to be notified when you can register!