Why Get My Electrical Contractors License?

Attention! The law to qualify to take the New Jersey Electrical Contractors License Exam has changed. You have less than 13 months and counting, until the grace period expires.

What does this mean to you? 

The recent licensing law change has great significance for many reasons.

If you are like many people in the electrical trade you choose to be a master of your profession and care less about the business aspect.  You are constantly learning, concurring problems, meeting project deadlines, managing your daily work, ordering materials, and overall working hard to earn a respectable living.  What may not be on your mind is obtaining your electric contractors license.

You are not alone. When asked many will reply simply, I do not want to go in to business or I’ve been with this company for however many  years and I don’t see any need for my electrical license.

Maybe you are in the group of; I don’t test well. I don’t have the time to study; I’m not good with paperwork. English is my second language. These are only a few and yes, all of these reasons are formidable.

Now why you should get your electrical contractors license:

  • Just because you become licensed does not mean you must obtain your business permit and go in to business. It does become your option to you.
  • Your can obtain you electrical contractor license and remain a loyal employee and share the benefits of license. The New Jersey Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors Regulations requirements for the proper supervision of electrical workers. You having your license or New Jersey Registered Journeyman certification allows your employer to operate within the regulations as per 13:31-3.4 c) Every 10 employees who are performing electrical work at either one job site or who are performing electrical work at several jobs at different sites simultaneously shall be supervised, pursuant to (d) below, by a qualifying licensee or by a licensee or qualified journeyman electrician.” This just to name one benefit you can provide as a licensed, loyal employee.
  • If test taking is your concern it is a valid concern. You are an electrician, you are smart and you can pass. Study is the key to test taking. Two things are certain; one is, if you never take the exam you will never pass it and second; If you wait to long the grace period will expire and you will be required to complete a 4 year apprenticeship (if you have not already completed an approved apprenticeship) prior to be eligible to apply for the approval to take the exam.

What excuses:

  • No time to study. See the answer above.
  • Not good with paperwork.  NJES will help you with your application.
  • English is my second language. NJES offers license prep for Spanish speaking electrical professionals.

The above are common reasons.

What is for certain is, if you never take on the challenge you will not become licensed.

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