New Jersey Permit rules have changed!

New Permit Rules for General Contractors, Plumbers, HVACR, Alarm Installers, and MORE!


General Contractors, Plumbing Contractors, Alarm Installers, HVACR Contractors, Handymen, Property Managers, Homeowners, Roofers, Siders, and others.

The permitting rules in New Jersey have changed to your benefit.  The rules regarding, roofing, siding, decks, sheetrock, finishes, low voltage wiring, alarms, plumbing fixtures, and other core types of work performed daily, have changed to the contractors benefit.  Its that simple… NOT!

Its not that simple.  The rules have changed and in some cases it is that simple and in many other cases permitting remains in full force.  It’s the same old case of, rules and regulations can be very confusing to all involved.

Do not let this confusion prevent you from the savings where they are due and the proper permits being filed where permits remain in required to perform work in NJ.

Although permits, in many cases are a hindrance and an additional fee and many of which are paid by the property owner.  A permit can be of great benefit to all involved when close scrutney of the building codes is paramount.  In these case and others, the benefit of a trained and impartial code official presents unparalleled oversight to a construction project.  In times of discrepancy and contractual disputes the detailed records of a code official may prove to be invaluable to the all parties concerned.  Matters of insurance and the claims thereof, are another situation where the impartiality and specific training and licensure of a code official provide unique benefits due to a construction permit.

Knowing where and when these reductions in the permitting rules have been made is critical.  Not knowing the rules and performing work without permits can be just-cause for Stop Work Orders, notice of violation, and penalties as prescribed by the Uniform Construction Code (UCC).  A lack of understanding of the rules and regulations is not excuse to the requirements to following all permitting requirements.

Municipalities are now faced with a reduction in permitting fees.  Notice of violations where required permits are not obtained are required to be issued by the UCC, not an option.  This regulation has not been changed or lessoned.

Have a clear understanding what permitting requirements have been deleted and make the most of these important rule changes today!

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Join NJES at one of our upcoming seminars to receive clear direction regarding the new rules released by the New Jersey Division of Community Affairs on March 5, 2018.  View the NJES online calendar for exact locations and times of all upcoming courses and informational seminars.  As with many rules it is imperative the rules be understood to avoid non-compliance.

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