Signing up for the Cruise


  1. Reserve your cabin by signing up for 12-CEU’S at a cost of $300.00 per person attending the course (that means only those obtaining 12-CEU’S, not others traveling with you).  When filling out your reservation enter the number of people taking the 12-CEU’S   When reserving your cabin(s) it does not matter if you are 1 person or 4 people in a cabin, your one time payment of $300.00 makes you eligible to to reserve up to 2-cabins(s).  All cabin reservations are handled directly by you through our group contact at NCL.    Your payment of $300.00 for the 12-CEU course is 100% refundable up to August 1, 2018.  After August , 2018 sorry, no refunds.  Once you have signed up and paid for your 12-CEU course you will then receive an email confirmation that includes our NCL group number, promotional codes, and contact info.  It is recommend you contact NCL immediately after receiving your confirmation.   This promotion has received a positive response and is expected to sell out quickly.  Now reserve your seat by clicking here to signing up at NJES for your 12-CEU’S !
  2. Use the NJES Group Cruise (Group Id Number, promo code, and Phone Number) info provided to you in your email confirmation.  Call NCL speak with Emily or one of her associates.  You will be required to provide information on you and all those traveling with you.  Don’t forget to provide your latitude number to obtain valuable cruise credits.  If you do not have a latitude number don’t worry Emily will create one for you. 
  3. Choose your cabin(s).  You can choose a Mid-Ship Inside Cabin that sleeps up to 4 people or a Mid-Ship Balcony Cabin that sleeps up to 4 people.  Or you can choose to upgrade your accommodations beyond what NJES has reserved.
  4. Select your “Free at Sea”.  You will automatically receive the unlimited beverage package and the gratuity package.  You can opt to change this when you speak with Emily at NCL.
  5. While on the phone with NCL make a payment toward your cruise or pay it off.  NJES understands things happen, life happens, and business happen.  Don’t worry, all deposits and course payment are 100% refundable up to August 1, 2018.  After August 1, 2018 sorry no refunds.