NJES Now On Zello

New Jersey Education and Seminars is now on Zello.  Not familiar with Zello?

Zello is a “Push To Talk” service available through your Android or iPhone / Smart Phone and PC (Windows PS) only.

If your a sceptic, as I was when this was recently introduced to me by a friend you will pass right by this available feature and will return after to learn more about it.

Go to the AP store on you phone and download Zello.


NJES now uses Zello Push to Talk for discussions on the National Electrical Code and Discussion the Uniform Construction Code (UCC).  This includes the many associated codes that New Jersey Licensed Electrical Contractors, Fire Alarm installers, Security Systems Installers,  Licensed HVACR contractors and installers, Journeymen Electricians and Telecommunications professionals are required to abide when performing in their professional field in NEW Jersey.

NJES will open breakout groups such as Solar, Alarm, Permitting in NJ, Standby Generators, Administrative, Telco and NJ, Business law, License Exam Prep, and discussions on specific chapter within the NEC.

Get in on the ground floor and grow with the future NJES and the benefits of education as an electrical professional!  NJES will also offer continued education based upon the needs of the group.

You can find NJES under NJ Education and Seminars. This is an “OPEN Group” no password required.

Emergency topic always receive top priority all NJES channels.

Rules of NJES/Zello.
This NJES/ Zello channel is for the specific use of furthering the education or solving of code related questions or debates.  The following are cause for the immediate “Blocking” of a registered user on all NJES/Zello channels.

  • Posting of any inappropriate photos, forwards, texts, or comments.
  • Profanity
  • Negative Racial, gender, or political comments.
  • Use of the channel for sales or personal gain.

Unfortunately, more rules to come as we grow.

I look forward to engaging in technical discussions on Zello with all of you in the future!


Don Clare
NJES President.