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New Jersey Education and Seminars, LLC., upcoming course schedule.

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The NJES Fall & Winter course schedule is now  available. We look forward to seeing you all and sharing our new courses recently approved by the New Jersey Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors. Read more below. 

  • Changes to Ordinary Maintenance and Minor work. 6-CEU’s 
  • POE yesterday and today. 6-CEU’s 
  • Knowing your responsibilities. 6-CEU’s 

NJES also is proud to announce three new instructors adding many years of industry knowledge, code experience, and regulatory insight to our course offerings.

  • Edward Reed 
  • Steve Winters
  • Kenneth Verbos

If you must attend a course then let be a course you will be happy you attended.  Not one you can’t wait for it to end!  We have had great success with our online programs.  Those in attendance have expressed great satisfaction.

As rules start to relax in New Jersey, it is unknown when online CE course approval will be rescinded.  Take advantage of this approval and book now.

Checkout our live online calendar to see what’s coming up to complete your 34 CEU’s online!

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NJES uses many online platforms to make your learning experience worthy of your time and money.  Go To Training is our primary online platform.  Not sure about online, visit the NJES Go To Training control panel tutorial.  Certificates are delivered to you online.

New NJES Courses fall 2020

  • Rule Changes to Minor Work and Ordinary Maintenance 6-CEU’s. 
    • This rule change benefits the electrical professional as well as many others in the construction industry.  Take advantage of the rules save time and money in your day to day operations.  This course will provide specific information and clear direction about recent rule changes. 
  • POE (Power Over Ethernet) Yesterday and Today 6-CEU’s.
    • Don’t be caught sitting on the sidelines while technology advances your industry to new levels and opens new markets.  POW is now being used for lighting, building management, security, access, point of sale, and much more.  Capture a greater share of the electrical market by understanding POE.   
  • Knowing your Responsibilities 6-CEU’s. 
    • Knowing your responsibilities is knowing what codes and permitting is required of you.  On a daily bases inspectors are required to know what rules are inspected but which discipline(s).  Who is inspecting your work today? Is it the electrical inspector, the plumbing inspector, the fire inspector or is all them?  Why do you complete a fire technical section?  What about fire resistance ratings? Are elevators your inspection obligation?  Learn about the backend of your business and do not become responsible to install or correct items you did not know where your responsibility in the first place!  

Returning NJES courses. Fall 2020.

  • 2020 NEC 10-Hour Code & Law Update. 10-CEU’s both Core and Elective CEU’s.
  • Design and Review of Marinas & Boatyards 7-CEU’s
  • Article 517 Healthcare Hospital Systems 7-CEU’s
  • Information Technology 4-CEU’s.
  • International Energy Conservation Code 4-CUE’s.
  • The Rehab Subcode and the Electrical Contractor 6-CEU’s.
  • New Jersey and the NEC 8 Part I 8-CEU’s.
  • New Jersey and the NEC 8 Part II 8-CEU’s.
  • Proper Use Group and Building Classifications 6-CEU’s.
  • Swimming Pools 6-CEU’s
  • Optional Standby Generators in the special Flood Hazard Area 8-CEU’s.
  • Optional Standby Generators 6-CEU’s.
  • The electrical professional and online resources for design and review in the field 7-CEU’s.

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