Cruise Payment & Refund Details

Thank you for your interest in NJES cruises.

The exact details of your specific cruise will be posted once your cruise details have been confirmed.

Example: The PayPal link to make payment for the course only is now available. Cruise money will not be collected and NJES does not recommend that those booking the cruise directly, purchase tickets until the NJES minimum has been met. This will prevent any unnecessary refunds, PayPal refund fees, or non-refundable ticket fees. NJES has confirmed the Jan Cruise will can move forward, based upon verbal commitment which satisfies the minimum. However, we now need the course payment in order to take the next step. If the course payment is made and the cruise does not move forward you will be refunded the course money.

*******Please do not book your cruise ticket until you have a confirmation from NJES.**********

A couple things to go over;
First details about the 10-CEU course.

1) The course title is Proper Use Groups and Building Classifications this is a 6-CEU, If taken separately, the Individual course fee is $150.00. This course requires that you bring the course with a 2011 NEC Code book, note pad, electrical license, and ID.
2) The second course title is Information Technology 4-CEU, If taken separately, the Individual course fee is $150.00. This course requires that you bring the course with a 2011 NEC Code book, note pad, electrical license, and ID.
3) The combined course fee for the 10-CEU course is $200.00
4) The proposed course details are as follows: We meet at 3:45PM Sign-In for Proper Use Groups and Building Classifications at the Pier Structure. This structure will serve as part of the course where we will have approximately 2-hours of review and touring. We will then break to board the ship settle-in. After muster we will resume our course in our conference room for 2-hours. At the end of this period as a group we will vote on our start time to be 7AM, 8AM or 8:30AM. The start time affect the course completion time. Presumably, the balance of course will resume at 7:00AM in the main dining room. This completing the balance of our course (2-Hours). We will immediate start our next course, Information Technology 4-CEU’s.
This course is to include classroom time (as well as a tentative) private tour of the ships elaborate information technology frame. A request has been placed to have the ships electrician be apart of our course. Due to many reasons security being one of the issues this is not a firm arrangement and the tour portion is subject to cancellation last minute at the ships discretion. Hopefully this will be a part of our course but no guarantees. Course details such as classroom room locations and exact times times are subject to change due to ship conditions, access and group convenience.

Course Attendance:
Your attendance is required during the entire course or no credit will be provided.
If you do not attend the course for whatever reason no refunds will be provided.
If you sign up as 10-CEU’s and decide to only take part of the course no refunds will be given.
If you sign up for one course and decide to add a second on the ship the full rate of the course will be charged.
If you decide not to cruise at all, unable to cruise due to an emergency, miss the ship, for any reason at all, no refunds from NJES will be given.
Please understand that once the minimum amount of students are confirmed the cruise, tickets will be purchased and no refunds will be issued for course or cruise.

Regarding the cruise tickets:
All Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) rules and condition apply to your ticket purchase.
You are welcome to purchase your cruise tickets through NJES, on your own, or use our travel agent. You must handle your ticket purchase if you are considering any additional items such as but not limited to; travel insurance, cabin upgrades, special pre-cruise purchases, etc.
If you choose to purchase your tickets on your own, you will then need to pay for your course on-line. If no cruise is booked you will be refunded your money from NJES for the course fee only. Once tickets are purchased NO REFUNDS FOR THE COURSE WILL BE MADE.
If you book your cruise tickets and the course through NJES and the course does not happen you will be refunded your course money. As for refunds for the cruise tickets purchased through NJES, PayPal Refunds of the cruise fee are subject to any Pay Pal refund fee if any.

At this time enough people have verbally agreed to cruise and NJES is ready to commit we now need those who expressed interest in this cruise to commit as well.

Payment: Payment is due in full and is non-refundable unless otherwise stated elswhere hearin. Course payment is all that is required should you decide to use your travel agent or ours. You may deal directly with NJES.

Boarding Information:
If you are booking through your own travel agent or through NJES you are urged to confirm proper boarding ID and credit card requirements to ensure you have what is needed to travel on NCL.

Your reply to this email as to your commitment to attend is appreciated. I would like to confirm how many people are traveling with you and of that number how many will be taking a course. Also, how many CEU’s course you intend to take.

Double Occupancy:
Cabins are based upon double occupancy. If you are a single male and are in need of a roommate please make note in your reply.

Thank you,

Don Clare

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