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Revised: FIRM Flood Map Firmette

New! Preliminary Flood Map

New! UL Code Link

Tax Exemption for the installation of Fire Suppressions Systems installed after 1983

FIRM Flood Map – Make a Firmette

FEMA Historical Flood Map “ABFE”

Generator Load Calculator
Generator Load Calculation Master 2012

Voltage Drop Calculator 3-Phase
Voltage Drop 3 Phase

Voltage Drop Calculator Single Phase
Voltage Drop 1 Phase

Residential Load Calculator
Residential LoadCalculations

JCP&L Waiver Form
JCPL Waiver

Wire Properties
Wire Properties

Carlon Materials Catalog

New Jersey License Verification

Historic ABFE Map

NJ DCA Codes and Standards

NJ Municipal Inspectors Listings

NJ DCA Bulletins

Construction Code Communicator Index

Construction Code Communicator Issues

NEMA Device Configuration Chart  or

Conduit Capacity Chart

On-line NJ Construction Permit Blank Forms free

IBC 2009 Chapter 3, Use and Occupancy Classification

Before you sign your construction application, did you know?

NJ Adopted Codes

NJ Code Adoption History

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